Rainbow Hero

Undead Knight

Undead Steel

Santa Knight

Half & Half

Superb Lass

Corrupt Knight

Party Bird

Dark Wizard

Diamond Empress(Black)

Diamond Empress(White)

Classy Patriot

Undead Stalker

Friendly Patriot

Lady Thunder

Devilish Dame

Lady Knight

Crimson Sorceress

Golden Sentry

Undead Warbird

Undead Warchick

Santa Crawls

Naughty Lass

Rebel Patriot

Furious Angel

Violet Falconer

Furious Lass

White Lightning

Frost Knight

Covert Soldier

Diamond Empress(Gold)

Fatal Lightning

Noble Knight

Maniac Knight

Santa Patriot

Brutal Knight

Ocean Empress

Emerald Destroyer

Magnetic Sorceress

Flood Knight

Ironclad Patriot

Elegant Patriot

Tyrant Armor

Santa Lightning

Redemption Armor

Blood Knight

Fable Thunder

Grappler Armor

Galactic Artist

Patriot Armor

Emperor Thunder

Thieving Feline

Golden Goddess

Bog Beast

Santa Titan

Crusher Patriot

Mystic Thunder

Zealous Patriot

Maniac King

Corrupted Magician

Mouthy Merc

Eighties Thunder

BF Lite




Clown Knight

Vicious Hunter

Undead Lightning

Shadow Patriot

Black Bird

Shadow Thunder

Vengeful Operative

Fiery Thunder

Devilish Trickster

Devilish Trickster (Frostbit Variant)


Patriot Helmet V1(DARK BLUE)

Patriot Helmet V1(BLUE)

Patriot Helmet V2

Thunder Helmet

Thunder Hammer


At BrothersFigure, we love LEGO and strive to create the best custom minifigures around!

We design all of our minifigures with official LEGO aesthetics in mind, so that they will fit right in with the minifigures already in your collection. Each minifigure comes individually packed in a custom box, designed for maximum protection, to make sure they arrive safe and sound.

Our products are professionally pad printed, just like official LEGO minifigures.

You can be sure of our commitment to quality --- we won't sell you anything we wouldn't want to receive ourselves.

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